Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pumpkin Seeds Folk Art

You will adore these sculptures. I find them particularly appropriate for the time of year, when we all feel a little child-like, even wondrous, just for a bit. These figures make you smile, if not laugh outright. The artist, Janell Berryman, is so talented, and never seems to run out of ideas. She is, of course, at Etsy, but the link I've added is to her webpage which shows far more of her creations. You should see what she does for Halloween! Along with these brilliant sculptures (which I fell in love with) she paints and does other things, equally impressive. This much creativity could never be restricted to one kind of art.

Janell is making a name for herself, and selling well. And why not? These are collectibles we will hand down to our children and grandchildren. Folks will say, "Ah, it's a Berryman!" Pure Folk, pure fun. See her web link in the sidebar under Great Sites To Visit.

1 comment:

janell berryman artist-owner said...

Thank you Fran! Your kind words are heart warming. I appreciate being shown on your fabulous blog :) Happy holidays to you and yours!