Monday, December 22, 2008

Shann Spishak - Images of Home

I'll be paying my little homage to the Season over the next few days, so don't expect anything from me for a while.

Of course, I will still be writing away, because the Hafan Deg bug won't take a vacation, regardless of firmly turning off the computer. I wander aimlessly for a while, and then I just gravitate back to it. I'm two-thirds through the novel revisions now, so I should be normal again by mid January. I think...

Today I want to show some paintings by Shann Spishack out of Washington State. I came across them through the Google search for artists that I tag to be delivered into my mailbox each day. Surprise, surprise.. she's with Etsy. All the best ones are. Her link is under Great Sites to Visit, in the side bar.

The thing I particularly love about her art, apart from her brushwork and color, is the feeling of warmth you get from them. She is a happy artist! They are just such cosy images, and make you want to curl up with a good book, and snuggle by the fire. These are French Impressionist, to me, the strokes loose and confident. I envy that, from my own rather restrictive use of my brush. I won't change now, after all these years, but I can still hanker after just a little of this kind of talent. Enjoy!

Enjoy a peaceful and happy holiday season. See you next week.

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