Monday, December 1, 2008

Who ARE You?

I find it fascinating, looking at my little Feedjit map, to see viewers of this blog scattered around the world. I find myself wondering who you all are, why you looked, and I wish you were all Followers, so I could see you properly.

I am not a particularly social animal, preferring my own company, and I can always find an excuse to avoid parties, or get-togethers. Yet I enjoy this knowledge that I am not alone here. I want to connect with you all, which is odd, considering my attitude to large gatherings. It's not that I'm a shy wallflower, or an introvert. On the contrary, I'm as outgoing and friendly as is wise in this unsteady world we live in. Living in a small town makes it much easier for me to speak to strangers, although I have always done it, even in the large cities where I've lived. But there is a difference between being chatty and available to one and all, and being stuck with a group with whom you have nothing in common. The point is, you can walk away after that nice little exchange with someone on Main Street, but it's hard to do in someone's house.

But, I'll say it again, if you are at all interested in this page, please Follow me, or comment, so I can check you out, too.

I haven't painted anything for a few days, but have another project that I'm about to start. I won't be showing it online until it's finished, because you'll see immediately what it is, and I want it to be a surprise.

Along with the oh-so-terribly-creative stuff, there are still all the other things that need doing. Sealing the painting, allowing for the proper time for it to cure in between. Photographing it, playing with the image in the computer. If it isn't a commission, putting it up for sale online, which is fiddly. If you sell, there's invoicing, and dealing with the payment. Then there's the painting to be wrapped - it takes ages! Trundling off to the post office, filling in the paperwork. It's like a little painting factory, but with only one employee.

Today I'm showing you some more Trompe L'oeil murals. The first "window" is one I painted on the stairwell wall in our own home, some years ago. The house is long sold, and I often wonder if the new owners painted over it. Not everyone likes this kind of thing painted on their walls.

This one was to cheer up a dividing wall on the deck of my friend's semidetached house.

I did this one on our own back porch, also a dividing wall, as the house is semidetached. The cane furniture is real. Oh, and this house was totally renovated after we sold it. The whole back wall was pulled down.

This last one is crafty, a pretend rag rug on the stairs. At the foot of the stairs you can just see the "billowing curtain" from the "window" mural.

I am so sorry my pictures aren't great. I've improved over the years, I hope. But you get the general idea.

Tomorrow I'll show you some illustrated furniture.


  1. oh... they are all so pretty! but i love the on you painted on your friend's deck :) looks as if i could really walk out to the sea :)

  2. I always wonder who those people on my feedjit are too. You think they would say something and not just surf by without commenting. Thanks for following my blog. I had to come over and see who you were. My guess is you found me through Catherine Holman. You have such fun paintings and I love your painted furniture. Nice to meet you.

  3. Thanks for your comments, both of you. And Vickie, nice to have you on board. Yes, Catherine Holman was the link.

    The family is growing! Now if I could just work out who that is checking in from Brazil...