Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter is Here

I'm afraid winter has officially arrived here. We got a big dumping of snow last night, and it seems it will continue for a while. For those of you who can only imagine it (and it is lovely during the holiday season, but it's a shame it hangs around), I took this picture this morning from my studio window, looking across the road to that dear B&B house. My street is very pretty, very country. All the stores I need are just a two minute walk from my house, and you know I don't (purposely) have a car, so it's ideal for me.

Success! I am now a member of the Etsy Vegan/Vegetarian Team, and proud to be there. I told them I was vegan except for cheese, and they gave me the name of a really good-tasting alternative, but it is devilishly expensive for me to import it from Chicago. I must just do more research closer to home.

I put up a new picture on Etsy today. Well, it's not new, done last year, but new to Etsy, so I've put it here, too, along with the one I put up on Friday, which is also in that picture trail at the top of the page. Perhaps a bit repetitive? Do you appreciate how patient I am with you? I realize that some of you will not raise a finger to click on the links.

That's it for today.

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