Monday, May 25, 2009

Lovely New Award from Caroline at Caroline's Crafts

I've just received an award from Caroline at Caroline's Crafts. It's the Byrum Spiritual Art Award, which means "You make a difference...I know, because you have for me!"

Caroline and I have become good friends. Her little grinning pumpkin cat sits on my desk and makes me smile every morning.

Thank you for thinking of me, Caroline! It's nice to know you think I make a difference.

I must pass this award onto 5 others who have made a difference in my life, so here goes:

Jenny at Alley Cat Rescue
Lynne at Folk Art and Fantasy
Mary's Granddaughter
Shelley at A Charming Place
Tanya Bond

There are many others who deserve this, but some have no blogs, which is obviously limiting, and others are either moving, taking a break, or just plain unlinkable at this time. But I love them all, and they know who they are.

I don't care to hand out awards too regularly. They are a lot of work to process, sweet though they are, and they can be perceived as clutter on some blogs. I understand this. An award can be picked up, featured, awarded to others, whatever the recipient wants. There's no need to apologize, or even get grumpy. Love the fact that others appreciate you, and that's enough.


  1. Fran, thank you so much for your award! I'm very proud!

  2. You are sweet! Thanks Fran ☺

  3. Dear Fran,
    You are so sweet. Thank you so much! You brought a smile to my face during an insanely busy day.

  4. Sorry Fran. I did see this then got so busy. I will post it now. I did get your painting, thanks so much. It was donated to help the cat care clinic, they are a cage free shelter for kitties.

    Thanks so much for your generosity!!