Friday, May 1, 2009

MurphyMae at Etsy and a Tad Bit of Snarkiness...

Murphy Mae Adams is a wacky primitive artist at Etsy. But this is the kind of wackiness that helps us take life and ourselves less seriously. We can always use a few more like her.

Murphy describes her work this way -
"cartoon-like innocence entwined with a tad bit of snarkiness"
You can say that again! More than a tad, Murphy...

These crazy paintings are perfect for Whimsy Friday, and you'll laugh despite yourself. They are done in acrylics and ink on archival quality paper, some framed, some not. MurphyMae also has prints at her site, so don't be shy about looking.

Have a crazy, wacky weekend!

1 comment:

murphymae said...

Fran, Thanks so much for featuring my art, I hope your readers like it! Cool blog!