Friday, May 29, 2009

Shyama Helin Collage on Wood Block

Shyama Helin at Etsy is a wonderful mixed media artist currently working on her vintage lovers series. These exquisite pieces are collages on 3/4 inch board, small beauties of 5.5 inches square. They would make a wonderful statement in a group on a display shelf.

I was drawn to them because I am involved in a fair amount of romantic writing in my current novel (in my other day job), and the images spoke to me. The colors and graceful figures are perfect for my mood. For any guys looking, these would make memorable gifts for the woman in your life.

Check out Shyama's huge range at Shyama's Etsy store.

I think these are just a perfect, somewhat whimsical, way to end the week. Have a lovely, hopefully romantic, weekend. Buy some chocolates. Put on some Jobim...

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