Friday, June 5, 2009

Caralyn Edwards - Mystic Reflections Fantasy Sculptures

Caralyn Edwards is a young Atlanta sculptor and artist, with a penchant for fantasy figures. I don't know exactly what a Myxie is, as I've certainly never seen one until now, but they are fairy-like, mystical little creatures, superbly designed to seem almost animated, and with fine, authentic-looking wings. Of course, I've never seen a real fairy, either, so can only go by pictures I've seen, and word of mouth. The following samples are around 4 to 5 inches high, and would be wonderful next to, or nestled in, an indoor plant. Caralyn points out that these are not toys. Of course they're not. Far too sophisticated for small children, but perfect for Mom or big sister.

This first pretty thing, Kiwi, is suspended by a wire or nylon thread. I mean, anyone can see she's into flying and needs to be restrained.

This last little Myxie, Shelly, is from the mermaid branch of the family. You did see her tail didn't you?

Carolyn has so many other Myxies and different critters at her store, Mystic Reflections at Etsy, but it's Whimsy Friday, and I thought these magical creatures were a perfect way to salute that.

Now if I could just work out what those wings are made of...could they be real?

Have a wonderful weekend, and watch out for flying Myxies...

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  1. Caralyn's Myxies are magical indeed. Thanks for sharing. Lea