Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cathy o'Riginals at Etsy

Cathy O. Lewis is an artist who mostly devotes herself to fabric art, although her work sometimes includes regular paintings, paper collage - even digital art. It was difficult for me to choose items from her store to feature today, but, as a fabric collage artist myself for a number of years, I appreciate the huge amount of time that goes into these - certainly far more hours than is indicated by her pricing. Along with these delightful wall hangings, I've included a charming ACEO paper collage, because it's so cute, and two of her angel dolls.

I wish it were possible to show the detail in these wonderful textured hangings. All of you who quilt conventionally will immediately recognize the amount of work in each one.

Cathy is no stranger to the various diseases that plague the world these days, particularly in her own family, and produces these custom-made awareness-colored angel dolls. A percentage of sales for these dolls goes to each cause they represent. Go to Cathy o'Riginals at Etsy to get the full details of these and her other artwork. While you're there, marvel at Cathy's own journey.


  1. Fran, you have showcased one of our very talented artist from WWAO. We are so proud of Cathy's variety of art styles.

    Despite life's challenges that she has overcome, Cathy still finds time to create.

    We are always excited to follow her interest and see how she excels at her artistic endeavors.

    Fran, your work is so beautiful and full of color. Your daughter's sketch is just amazing.

    Thanks for featuring Cathy on your site. This gives us the opportunity to see you art, as well.

    Diana Bracy

  2. Thanks for featuring me Fran, what a nice surprise this was!

  3. Great Post! I love Cathy's work, her heart and soul goes into each piece. She is an amazing lady and artist.