Monday, June 15, 2009

Donna David's textured art - The Invitation at Etsy

Donna David is a painter who incorporates a huge amount of texture in her classical work - in fact, she says the textures are essential to her tactile art. In order to appreciate her methods, you must read the individual descriptions of her paintings, and definitely see her profile, which is poetry in itself. I wasn't surprised, reading it, that she finally revealed that she's also a writer. Writing is visual too, of course, and painting is telling a story. One is a complement to the other.

I wish it were possible for my blog to allow magnification. The textures here are so amazing, and my images don't do the work justice, but I think you get a sense of how impressive her art is. See Donna's store, The Invitation at Etsy, and get to know her better.


  1. Thank you Fran! What a wondeful surprise that has simply made my day, week, month, year!

    You certainly are a very rare & precious gem indeed! :))) Donna

  2. I have seen Donna's work first hand (she did a commission for a friend) and you are so right; the photos don't quite capture the beauty. Lovely post on a terrific and talented artist!

  3. Beautiful paintings, I love the texture she has done on them.

  4. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing Donna's beautiful work with us Fran.