Friday, June 19, 2009

Michelle Rae Schafer's folk art dolls at the Studio at Crowhaven Farm

Michelle Rae Schafer is another oddball artist from Etsy. I find so many of these lovely, weird and wonderful people there. No one should be offended by my description, because it's simply an indication of their child-like glee, the cheeky eccentricity that they bring to the world.

These quirky dolls (which are not toys, of course) are part of Michelle's 'Gossip Girls' series. They are hand-sculpted out of polymer clay, with movable arms and legs. They're hand-decorated, then receive numerous layers of acrylic paint, which, in turn, is crackled and antiqued, finally sealed with double coats of glaze for added protection. The skirts are hand sewn and dyed in coffee for that authentic vintage folk art doll look. Each is approximately 7 inches high.

Whimsy Friday just wouldn't be the same without people like Michelle. Go check her out at The Studio at Crowhaven Farm at Etsy. Don't forget to find the link to her blog there, too. It's brimming with all kinds of interesting bits and bobs. (But be prepared to stay for a while. There's a huge amount to look at.)

Have a great weekend. If you can - if you're so privileged - give your Dad a hug.

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