Monday, June 29, 2009

Pop Art Cafe at Etsy - Wendy Presseisen's Americana Folk Art

Wendy Presseisen is my kind of artist, producing classic Americana folk art. I'd give a lot to be able paint images like these. They perfectly capture Colonial nostalgia, a North America the way it was reflected by roving artists in more innocent times. Check out the price of antique paintings in this style, and you'll be amazed at the prices they command. Perhaps we can't afford museum quality antiques, but Wendy guarantees we can have the next best thing with these lovely paintings.

Oh, and she does amazing cats, too, so I had to have some here.

Although I listed Wendy at my Great Sites to Visit months ago, it seems I never featured her, which is strange. I apologize for that. Check out Wendy's work at Pop Art Cafe at Etsy

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  1. Hi Fran, How nice of you! thanks so much for including me on your blog!