Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunrise Art Gallery at Etsy

Today I'm featuring a talented artist who obviously enjoys playing with different subjects, styles and materials. Sunrise Gallery's art ranges from acrylics, through watercolors to pastels, on paper, canvas and silk, and she explores everything from abstracts, still lifes, birds and flowers, through to land and cityscapes. I love her use of color, and the soft, easy freedom of her strokes.

This artist's journey is still revealing itself, I think, and it would be interesting to check back with her in a couple of years to see how her talent has developed. Which isn't to say I necessarily believe she's just starting out. On the contrary, even at my age, I'm still experimenting. I think most artists have a hard time knowing what they want to be when they grow up, when it comes to subject matter and style. If we were to stop exploring our possibilities, I think we'd lose our drive, the thing that inspires us anew, each time we pick up our tools.

There are many other paintings at her site, so check out Sunrise Art Gallery at Etsy.

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