Friday, January 29, 2010

Walking Quail at Etsy - Fairy Tale Art

I'm feeling a bit skittish today. I'm preparing for a big move, away from country isolation and the sweet sound of late-night Canadian trains, to warmer climes, where my cats can chase lizards. And so these paintings of artist, Walking Quail at Etsy (don't you just love it?), aka Terry Blair, are suitably light, frivolous, and essentially child-like. She'd be a perfect children's book illustrator. You know I have a weakness for this kind of work.

Because the state where she lives has a different kind of light, the colors in Terry's paintings are different, too. My own work from Australia was equally different from the ones I did here in Ontario. It's the position of that old sun.

I like all of these, but that goat would look particularly fine in a posh frame over the fireplace, if you have one, and especially if you're a Capricorn.  Interesting use of color and impressionist strokes here, cheekily punctuated by those tiny daisies. 

Check out more of Terry's work at Walking Quail's Trail at Etsy.  I have no other gossip about the artist, other than she loves animals and fairies. Well, as if we needed telling. Anyone can see that.

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