Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jackie Dives Collage at Etsy

Jackie Dives is multi-talented, dipping her toes into everything from acting to running art galleries in glorious Vancouver. She is highly creative and diverse in her interests - hence her current involvement with collage work.  Recognizing her restlessness when it comes to her passions, one can only wonder what she'll be working on in a couple of years.

These collages, not too complicated, but carefully considered, are mounted on solid wood bases or canvas panels, and are a tiny indication of her mind set. Mind set? Hang on. She really doesn't have one. She hops from subject to subject, oddly marrying the most unlikely images to produce quirky and collectable pieces. You have to take a look at her store because there are so many items, and I couldn't make up my mind which pieces to feature today.

Okay, I suspect Jackie is a bit of a nut-case. I, and - I'm guessing - those of you who enjoy visiting my little blog, wouldn't have her any other way. The world could use a lot more Jackies.

See the rest of her collage work (for now, at least) and certainly read her profile at Jackie Dive's shop at Etsy, Divesin. She certainly does.

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