Thursday, October 20, 2011

More of my Work - a little bit of Americana...or is it Australiana?

I'm on something of a roll. I decided to paint something a little different. Although I've done Colonial pictures before, these are my first in many years, and I thoroughly enjoyed doing them. The fashions were such fun researching!

And, just as I was getting a little frustrated (what else is new?), I sold my "Private Pool" painting, which delights me. When I finished it, I considered keeping it for myself, but I have a number of pictures I've never offered for sale and it's just silly to keep adding to the collection. I will never have enough wall space for all of them, let alone other artists' work that I've collected over the years. So she's sold. Perhaps I'll do a similar one some time.

Anyway, here are my Colonial pictures. I love the woman, but men back then tended to have rather foppish (old, old word, but fitting) hair-dos. It was the era of the male peacock. How times change.

I think I'll do a couple more of these. Stay close by.

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