Friday, April 9, 2010

Sunday in the Park - Original Acrylic Painting 13 x 11 inches

This is one of my own paintings, one of the last pictures that remains unpacked before my move, so I decided to offer it for sale at my store, Hafandeg's at Etsy.

It's my favorite kind of painting, naive and child-like. It makes you forget what you hear on the nightly news. I should do some more like this. When I'm settled, I promise.

See you next week.


Christina Colwell said...

Tha painting is beautiful. I lvoe the serene sunny...probably Sunday afternoon. All is well in the world. At least until Monday. How's the move going? All settled in?

Fran Caldwell said...

Thanks so much, Christina. It's loosely based on a park in the heart of Sydney where I used to walk my dog.

Oh, and nothing happens till the fall, but it's an overseas move, so I had to start early to contend with the shipping company