Saturday, October 31, 2020

No Painting For Ages --- Launching New Novel.

 So, I have an excuse for not posting any art gossip lately. I've completed my latest novel, Summer Must End, and it should be available in  both paperback and eBook in ten days. It's been a long haul. Not the writing. I rarely have difficulty with takes over my days and a lot of my nights. But the Indie side of things, the determination to self-publish properly -- that's where it gets tough. I have become a print formatting expert, although, in another six months (another book on the horizon), it will be just as complicated as it was at the start of this project. Word is very difficult -- at least, for me.

Anyway, here is the result. You can comment here or on my writing page. It would be so nice to hear from you.

"Summer Must End" 

A womanly suspense story set in country Canada. 

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