Thursday, January 8, 2009

Angels today! Shelley Szczucki-Wiebe - The Charming Place

Well, we have art today! Apparently yesterday's glitch wasn't the fault of my much-maligned PC, but the Blogger site. Everything worked just fine this morning. But yesterday was scary, because I thought I would just have to stop blogging until it was fixed, or I'd replaced my computer. My PC has been making some funny noises lately, like a case of poor indigestion. Probably from eating my 3-M Digital Notes yesterday...

Anyone who knows me, even from my little art features, must realize I am not an angel person. So it might come as a surprise that I am featuring an artist today who obviously adores them.

Shelley Szczucki-Wiebe's art came to me during my usual blog wanderings, and her dreamlike angels, so Chagall-like in their coloring and brushwork, took me to a magical place. There is humor here as well, with her whimsical cats and figures, and these left me smiling.

Her art leans decidedly towards children's book illustration, and, in fact, she's just finished one, a collaboration with her daughter. Looking at these images, I imagine, in the future, she will have more than one children's book to add to her resume.

Her sites are named 'The Charming Place', and that's perfect; they certainly charmed me. Shelley's link is under Great Sites to Visit in the left sidebar. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of Shelley's lovely paintings.


  1. Hi Fran,

    I opened up my blog to see your comment, and was wonderfully thrilled to see that you featured me on your blog. Our art compliments each other in that we both love color, and a whimsical look at life. Thanks so much, you have brightened my day.

  2. Well, you certainly brightened our day, too, Shelley. Thank YOU!

  3. Love the whimsy :)