Monday, January 19, 2009

Ann Gardner Art and Design - Annzania at Etsy

The following little folk images are very appealing. I found Ann Gardner through her charming blog, and, of course, discovered she is part of the creative Etsy team, listed under Annzania.

She offers both prints and originals of her work, and even some little things other than wall art. I've put her link under Great Sites to Visit.

Don't these little bits of whimsy just brighten up your day?

With the economy the way it is, it stands to reason that we are wary about how we spend our money. I just wanted to point out that original art, on sites like Etsy, is incredible value. I know we can go to a big store and buy reprints of famous works, which get a bit boring after seeing them in all kinds of places, and they can cost quite a lot. We wander into malls, thinking we'd just like a little something new to take home, or as a gift for a friend, and we buy the same old commercially-produced things that everybody else has.

The pieces I feature here each day are absolute originals. You won't find someone else with the same art, unless they've bought a print of something they saw at your house. So, today I ask you to reconsider a good browse through Etsy. It's not just about paintings or drawings. Etsy covers everything that can be made by hand, one-of-a-kind collectibles. You go to craft fairs, so you know how much things cost there. The artists at Etsy can keep their prices relatively low because they have no physical store or market stall expense to figure into their costs. In some cases, you'll find they welcome custom orders. Where else will you find such unique and personalized items?

When we're watching our pennies, we still need to buy something to cheer us up. Buying an original, hand-crafted, exclusive item will give you years of pleasure, and perhaps be handed down to your children. In most cases, you'll be buying an heirloom.

Check out Etsy. You'll keep coming back.


  1. Hi Fran,
    Thank you for your comments on my blog and inviting me to be featured on your blog. I think that will be just fine. The only place you can find my art on the web is on my blog. I'm not selling my art online yet. I'm enjoying the art of Ann Gardner. She lives near me, but I don't know her. Maybe I will run into her at the art supply store some day:)
    Thanks, Vickie

  2. Perhaps you can comment on Ann's blog. You could get together for coffee.