Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Caroline Jones

Caroline's Crafts appeared before me from her blog. Her blog is very cute, and you can check it out at:


I can only show you a small sampling of her weird and wonderful creations, because she seems to have been taking things easy, and there's not that much in stock right now. BUT, I think that if you were to contact her at her Etsy site, you might just be able to order something just for you. Because she jumps about so, between dolls, and strange cats, and odd snowmen thingummies, and wooden signs, and painting, I think this is the kind of artist who welcomes special requests. I know I'm about to put in one for myself.

Most of what's up for sale now seems to be a bit Christmassy (even Halloweeny). Perhaps Caroline, living in this rarifed, dream-like world as I think she must, hasn't quite realized that Christmas is over. Like a child, she believes it won't end until she says so.

Anyway, here are the few examples I selected today. Don't blame me if you find them incongruous. Caroline Jones must be blamed for that.

The doll is not for sale, as Caroline made it especially for her mother. But, once again, perhaps she takes orders. Go ahead and shake her up at Etsy. Her link is under Great Sites to Visit in the left sidebar. Tell her Fran sent you, and I'll take the blame.

These pieces make me smile and think like a kid again. We all need a bit more of that in our day.


  1. Thank you for featuring me in your blog. It is much appreciated!

  2. I was delighted to do it. Thank you!