Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fantasy and Romance in Art, Julia Guthrie, East of The Sun

Julia Guthrie is a phenomenally-talented artist from Cornwall, in England. Of course, this area has always been associated with the mystical and magical, so Julia's paintings should not be so surprising. Yet they are.

Each one - and I offer you just a handful here - is full of mystery, enchantment, and romanticism. This is a writers' artist, a great illustrator. On second thought, she needs no words, because her pictures say it all. Look closely, because there is so much more to see within each one, beyond the initial image.

To see all of her beautiful creations, go to her website East of the Sun.

For all of you more mature types out there, East of the Sun, West of the Moon is a very beautiful love song from days of yore. Check it out on your Playlist site.

1 comment:

Julia Guthrie said...

Hi Fran, aww thanks so much for this! I do appreciate it :)
So glad you like my work

Julia xxx