Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Guess Who Today?

Artists need to sell their art. Very few of us make a living from it, of course, but we sell enough to make us feel appreciated. We are all so vastly different in our styles, our subjects, our skills, in fact, and this is why I am more than comfortable showing other people's art on this blog. We don't compete, because each of us has a unique voice, speaking to the viewer in a personal and particular way.

Over the weeks that I've been featuring other artists' creations, I've become caught up in their work, too, and, although I fight for a while, I've ended up buying pieces for myself, or trading, with more on my wish list. I can't really afford to buy others' work, unless I regularly sell my own, but I just become so excited when I order some new piece. I wish I had a huge house, or one special room, where I could hang everything I own, but I don't, so the pieces are hung seasonally, really, rotated throughout the year. My walls have barely enough space for more art, unless I start going up, the way the Victorians did, reaching for the ceiling, but I think that would be overwhelming. Each piece needs enough space for it to be appreciated, and that's what I try to retain.

So, today, I feature ME! I'm showing just a few paintings you've probably missed, unless you've studied my EBSQ portfolio. I've tried to show you the variety of my work, with this offering. I am nothing, if not fickle, when it comes to subject matter.

I remind you that a lot of my work is for sale, and I take commissions. You know how to reach me if you're interested. Okay, flagrant self-promotion, but what's a girl to do when she has an art blog?

Last, if you, or someone you know, or someone you follow, could benefit by being featured here, please contact me. It doesn't have to be painting or sculpture - it can be anything that requires a creative hand, that's good to look at. (Having said that, some of Renee's figures, from FunkyFolky, are not so good to look at, but they're highly entertaining.) Anyway, there is no need for modesty. We all need to promote our work. I really enjoy doing it and I have nothing much else to give, but a little free (non-corporate) advertising space. I look forward to hearing from you.


  1. Nice work! You should promote yourself more often :)

  2. Well, that Picture Trail at the top was supposed to do it, but I guess people skim over it to get the blog itself.

  3. Until they make billsboards or messages in the sky a little less expensive I think you should promote yourself every second you get! Good work!

  4. Hi Fran,
    I've got 3 awards for you so come by my blog when you get a chance to pick up! :)

  5. Three Awards! Oh, Caroline, I hope they don't involve linking to 10 other blogs. It took me hours the other day.