Friday, January 30, 2009

Joan Crow of Crow Productions

I found Joan Crow at Jenny Carter's Wonders of Whimsy. I featured Jenny on Monday.

If you recall, there was a near-disaster for a little bird at my front window yesterday, so I was in bird mode when I spied Joan's work.

These bird paintings are so special - she obviously adores her subject matter. We see birds in fine art, but somehow they seem too perfect and unapproachable. Joan manages to give each of these a personality.

Joan Crow's charming bird paintings are for sale at eBay.

Along with the birds, she paints various other subjects. I believe the following paintings are of Jenny with one of her rescue cats. They really reflect how Jenny feels about her work with these little wild things. I doubt these are for sale because I'm sure Joan painted them for Jenny. But that doesn't mean she won't consider painting something for you, perhaps with your pet.

And last, but certainly not least, look at this cheeky raccoon. I know raccoons can be a nuisance, and some of you don't find them particularly appealing, but I do. I've haven't seen any on Main Street here in Brighton, because this little town is surrounded by countryside, and they don't seem to need our garbage to rummage through. Brings me to the question: what do raccoons eat in the wild? In Toronto they would gather in small groups, mother and children, snuffling around the back yard, and of course I fed them. They were incredibly tame, and would come up onto the deck and stick their faces through the patio doors if they were slightly open. This totally freaked out my poor Australian cat, because she'd never seen a raccoon before!

Check out Joan's blog to see more of her paintings.

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  1. Ahh that was sweet. Thanks so much for contacting Joan. She is so thrilled that you posted this!