Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lorna Smith at Artflock

I think you'll enjoy these lovely artworks. Lorna Smith is a U.K. artist selling at Artflock, where I am also a member. She paints and draws in a variety of subjects and styles and I'm only showing you a handful here. You must check out her gallery at Artflock. Lorna also has a shop at Etsy - naturally - but I thought it would be a nice change for you to check out Artflock, which is an art-only site, for those of you who aren't familiar with it.

Oh, and Lorna ships worldwide, in case you wondered.

This last painting is of Loch Lomond. Full of mood and magic, this scene obviously captured her imagination.

All of Lorna's art is delightful, but I particularly love that regal cat. She has managed to show the soft feeling of that wonderful fur, the wise expression in those eyes.

I wanted to broach a subject we tend to ignore, our heads firmly in the sand. Are you selling right now? How long has it been? I have the distinct impression that this economy is impacting us; I know I haven't sold for months. It makes sense that people have to feed the kids, pay the bills, before they buy art, but we all need that little piece of beauty or whimsy in our lives to make us feel good. Mall shopaholicism is probably a thing of the past, but a purchase of art online can be so reasonably priced for the uniqueness of the piece and will last a lifetime - perhaps several lifetimes - being a true collectible, an heirloom.

Please comment. You don't have to go into detail, just give your gut feeling about how things are going for you right now.

Well, how's this for a little symbolism? Just as I was finishing this post, a bird hit my window so hard that I thought the glass would break. I could see the poor thing almost buried in the snow, just one wing sticking out and the little head. I figured he was dead, as he was so still, but I put my coat and boots on anyway, to at least move him. There is so much snow piled up at the front of the house, it would have been past my knees, and I was totally freaked out at how I was going to reach it - I can't bear little wild things to be in distress. Just as I got there - he was simply knocked out - he took off and flew away, as if nothing had happened, although he must have a headache. I am so pleased. I love a happy ending.

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