Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ryan Conners - Kilkenny Cats

You know how much I love cats, and dogs too, of course. Dogs were always my favorites, but my heart got truly broken over one or two, and so I only have cats now. Dogs seem to need more love, are more dependent on you. They tweak at your heart strings in some undefinable way. My cats are totally in control, affectionate on their terms, taking or leaving me according to their moods. Dogs aren't like that.

So my cats are my family now, and I show them the same respect and consideration that I would extend to any human. Of course, I have conversations with them, which fact my son said I shouldn't broadcast. But if my cats talk to me, why shouldn't I talk to them?

Today I am featuring the artwork of Ryan Conners, of Kilkenny Cats at Etsy . Looking at these, anyone can see that Ryan is regularly in conversation with her cats. The colors and settings are amazing, aren't they? There is one sweet dog, just for the dog lovers, and do you see how much he tugs at your heart strings? That's what I mean. Dogs are needy.

Ryan produces all kinds of art, and you must take a look at her Etsy shop to appreciate it all. Some of her items are prints, and some are originals, and there are other little pieces. Remember what I said the other day about buying originals - everyone deserves at least one piece handmade by an artist, or reproduced by that artist. This is your right, rich or poor.

Of course, I've added Ryan's shop to Great Sites to Visit in the sidebar.

I do want to draw your attention to The Animal Rescue Site logo in the left sidebar. You simply click it to help feed homeless animals - no cost to you, other than the clicking action. Once you're into their site, you'll find all kinds of interesting things for animal lovers. Their shop stocks unusual items that you won't find anywhere else, at very reasonable prices, and you know it's all for a worthy cause. I do hope you'll check it out, perhaps install the widget on your own site, if you have one.


  1. Ryan's work is wonderful - thank you for sharing it with us all!


  2. Hi Fran- I wanted to thank you again for featuring my art on your blog. =)