Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Studio 155 at Etsy

I'm featuring another Etsy artist today. She is a fine artist, working in all mediums on canvas, all sizes of work, and she specializes in landscapes. I like to paint landscapes, too, always obsessed by skies, and I suspect today's artist is the same. Her skies are wonderful. I'm still trying to perfect mine.

I've put up her link in Great Sites to Visit, but simply click Studio 155 for today. Read the artist's profile at Etsy to appreciate what a great opportunity this is to buy her art.

I mentioned the other day the importance of trying to build a collection of original art. These are perfect examples of the kind of work you could start with. Were you to buy these same paintings at an art gallery, you'd have to dig very deeply into your pockets. Etsy makes it possible to not dig very deeply at all.

They are romantic paintings, taking us away from the noise of our day. Put on some Mozart, or a little Brahms, and really study these. They are classics, too.

I hope my friend, Judith, back in Australia, sees these, because she would love them.

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