Friday, February 12, 2010

Ginette Callaway at Etsy - Breathtaking...

Ginette Callaway's impressionist art is so breathtaking, I am almost lost for words. She works in most media - I especially love her water colors - but the last painting at the bottom is in oils, just to give you an indication of her scope. I'm so impressed by her use of color, the delicate imagery, that I simply had to feature her here today. Ginette is inspiring. What else can I say?

She has dozens of paintings to consider at her store, Ginette Creations at Etsy. Allow some time there. Grab a coffee first. Perhaps bring lunch as well. It could take a while.

And how about that owl?

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Unknown said...

Oh WOW! Thanks Fran for your kind remarks about my work and posting them here in your lovely blog, I am so thrilled!