Friday, February 26, 2010

Rex Benson - Sculptor and Freelance Loafer

Naturally, I found Rex Benson at Etsy. That loafer reference is his. (I would never be so rude, even if it was true.) The crazy fired clay images below need no explanation (as if I could give one, anyway).

From his own profile:  "For more than thirty years, ceramic artist, Rex Benson, has been creating three dimensional clay cartoons. Each sculpture is handcrafted individually with colored clays and fired in an electric kiln to temperatures that would melt your face.

From Dragons on swings to Rastafarian Ducks, this endangered American artist combines handbuilding skills with a chronically twisted wit."

Each of these pieces is one of a kind. He'll repeat an image, but no two are ever the same.

I'm fond of dragons. My background is Welsh, and the dragon is the country's national symbol. I'm not sure about Rex's dragons, though. They seem a little frivolous - even mischievous. I can't imagine them embellishing a flag. I'm somewhat concerned about those wall faces, too. He calls them "Morning Faces". Hmm, has he been spying on me before I've put makeup on?

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  1. Lovely pieces. I like the artist and the hatching dragon!