Thursday, February 19, 2009

Barbara Shores at Village Folk Art at Etsy

Barbara Shores is an accredited decorative artist who also sells at Etsy, along with several other sites. She produces Americana folk art at its finest. This is my favorite subject, because we are losing it, in its original form, every year that passes. This is the way we painted generations ago. We need to keep it alive, and Barbara is doing just that.

Her store sells both originals and prints, so there will be something for everyone there. I haven't investigated her other sites, but she has a nice blog you might want to check out here to find those other links.

Poor Barbara is recovering from some major surgery. This doesn't seem to have dampened her enthusiasm for her artwork. I know you'll echo my best wishes to her in getting back to her old self, and into that bubble bath she misses so much!

You can find Barbara's evocative work at Village Folk Art at Etsy.

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