Tuesday, February 10, 2009

John Wright at Etsy

John Wright's watercolor paintings are wonderful. His brushwork and use of color, both in his abstracts and scenic subjects, are a genuine pleasure for him, you can see, and certainly a pleasure for us to look at.

I first spotted John's delicate abstracts during one of my snooping-around-for-new-art sessions. I oohed and aahed over the mystical images, filled with what I saw as Eastern symbolism. In an excited moment, I contacted John and told him what I thought. Well, dear John, being a good practical Nottingham lad, tried to put my feet firmly back on the ground by saying he wasn't conscious of any particular higher plane when he painted them, but he admitted others had said much the same thing.

John didn't get it!

Well, John, whether you felt it or not, revel in it, because WE see it.

Then, of course, trying to prove he's that sensible lad again, he paints these charming local scenes. But look at them! They are worthy of the best gallery, I think. That same delicacy is evident here as it is in the abstracts. I certainly wish I could paint skies like John does.

Check out John's Etsy Store, where he has many more paintings available. I'll probably bring him back here soon.

After all I've said here, this last one is my favorite. Waiting in the Wings, by Noel Coward?

Oh, what am I saying? - they're all favorites!

Here's the link to Arty John at Etsy.


storybeader said...

I love Jon Wright's artwork...and that's how I found you! Great watercolors all the way around. Nice to see your work. {:-Deb

Unknown said...

Thanks for this , Fran. It's looks just wonderful.