Friday, February 20, 2009

Cara Bevan and Cats in Art

Cara Bevan is a fine artist featuring her work at Brushspace, where I am also a member. Friday is meant to be Whimsy Day, and I couldn't think of sweeter whimsy than showing some lovely animals. This isn't folk art, guys, nor is it painting-a-day work - you can see how long these must have taken. Cara is a highly-talented painter, absolutely dedicated to faithfully reproducing images of animals, and she seems to particularly like painting cats.

Of course, I had to slip in this raccoon because, along with meercats, they are my favorite wild creature.

Oh, well (you say), she's been studying for years and years to achieve this kind of excellence. Guess what? Cara is just twenty and IS TOTALLY SELF-TAUGHT! This is nothing short of astounding. Go back and look at her paintings again. I just can't believe it. Cara grew up with a close involvement with all kinds of animals, through her parents' refuge work. She hopes to continue in their footsteps, funding her own causes. Her art should do a lot for her dream.

For even more of her animal work, not only cats, see her wonderful blog here. She loves commission work, so don't be shy about contacting her.

You can see more of Cara at Brushspace.

Self-taught? Oh, my!


  1. Oh my, THANK YOU SO MUCH for featuring me! Wow...I can't thank you enough!!!! *HUGS* THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! :D

  2. Cara, I am overwhelmed by your talent. You will be famous, I promise. (If you want it...) There are so few naturalist artists out there, and you have so many years ahead. It was a total honor to have you on my page. Please stay in touch.

  3. Cara's work depicted here is just gorgeous. I love cats and these are almost as good as the real thing. Purrrfect!