Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christina Colwell at Etsy

Christina Colwell is a multi-talented artist at Etsy, producing everything from full-size paintings, detailed ACEOs, prints of her work, collage assemblages, decorated boxes, and sculpture - see this crazy rat cookie jar!

I am particularly impressed with those gift boxes. These are so classically beautiful, lovingly created from vintage materials.

But the humor and fun in the rest of her work is also evident. This artist really enjoys what she's doing.

Along with this delightful shop at Etsy, she has another for her jewelry! This girl must never sleep! Anyway, you'll find the pieces shown above, along with many, many others at The Folk Art of Christina Colwell at Etsy. From there you can follow her link to her other store and her charming blog.

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R C Colwell said...


Thank you so much for the wonderful feature article. I'm so glad you included the keepsake boxes. I really like them and they haven't been seen much.