Monday, February 2, 2009

Cloe Rochelle M. of Brushspace

I'm a member of Brushspace, an online gallery that encourages interaction with fellow artists. Cloe was following my work at the site and when I saw her charming art I just had to feature her today.

These beautiful water color and ink drawings are full of enchantment and really spark the imagination. I am awed by her delicate use of color and the mystery of some of her subjects. Cloe specializes in fantasy and mythology, a perfect illustrator for the age we live in, with the amount of interest there is in the subject. However, I also think they are too striking to be hidden away in a book. They deserve to be displayed, so that everyone can enjoy them. I hope Cloe has much success with her work, as she truly has a gift. You can find out more about this clever artist at Brushspace.

Hope you like the new template for my sites. I was becoming jaded with the old one, and when Kit Courtney decided to jazz up hers I decided to follow her example.

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