Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Custard Cream at Etsy, The Art of Rebecca Dennison

The name 'Custard Cream' intrigued me before I saw the art, because this is a cream-filled biscuit (cookie) found in Britain and Australia. I don't know where else they're produced, but I don't think we have them in North America. Is that a reason to feature Rebecca Dennison? Of course not, but look at the art, her delicious use of purples, pinks and blues... That's the reason.

Rebeccca is in Hull, England, and is a bird lover. We get a lot of cats at this blog, but few birds (although Joan Crow's come to mind). Rebecca's modern take on these bird images is refreshing, colorful and highly decorative, with lots of texture. Her style is quite retro, I think, reminiscent of graphic design of the 60s. To Rebecca, it's probably vintage classic; to me, darn it, it was a phase of my life - I had dresses in colorways like this!

To find out more about Rebecca, who happily takes custom orders, and to see more of her vibrant work, go to Custard Cream at Etsy. Rebecca just opened her store on Friday, so this is my welcome to her.

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