Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fran Caldwell at Etsy

It's time for a bit of Gran today. I haven't featured my work for a long time, other than the Picture Trail Thingey at the top that no one looks at - it's just a logo to you now, isn't it?.

These are some of my Grans from way back, some sold, some for sale. I've put in the captions, because that's part of Gran's silly charm.

Oh, Gran, What Will Dad Say?

Gran Thought They'd Said TASTING the Wine.

Gran's Lost Her Tour Group Again. (Hope she realizes before Vespers)...

Gran Thought She Was Joining the Seniors' Biking Club...

Gran Feels the Heat of the Tango with Maurice

Gran Does the Bridge Climb

Gran Finishes the Bridge Climb

Gran Likes a Bit of Snorkelling

Gran Walks BoBo

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