Thursday, February 12, 2009

Julie Williams - Mixed Media Assemblage Artist

Julie Williams is an assemblage artist. For those of you not familiar with the term, this means that she takes almost anything and everything and adds it to her wonderful canvases or wood panels. Her collages incorporate twigs, bark, fabric, beads, vintage photographs, magazines, perhaps yesterday's newspaper, and probably things she picks up off the street... I can imagine how interesting a walk with her must be. Oh, and of course, paint - she needs a little paint, too. Her art is always a surprise. This is creativity in its most dramatic form.

I'd like to tell you where Julie sells her work, but she has galleries all over the place, a reflection of the variety of things she sells, and I simply couldn't find all her pieces, which apparently includes furniture! But to reach her, go to JULIE'S BLOG where you can chat with her and ask the all-important question - Where Is The Rest Of Your Collection?

I know Julie welcomes commissions - you don't get art with more possibilities for the personal touch than this. You could incorporate your Great-Grandmother's photograph, couldn't you? Perhaps her Marriage Certificate? You could celebrate an anniversary or a birthday for someone in your life. The choice is endless.

I'd really like to know more about her furniture...

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  1. Fran, Thanks so much for featuring my work today! I've learned about so many wonderful artists since I discovered your blog last month. I'm honored to have my work here, too. I'm developing my shop -- should have some work posted there before the end of the month. Most of my work is done on commission and if anyone is interested, please contact me via email at: Bio and location info are on my blog:

    Thanks again, Fran! I know what my next blog will be about, too. The Story Storage functional assemblages (furniture). :-)

    Happy creating everyone, Julie