Friday, February 27, 2009

John and Robbyn Runyon of Frivolous Tendencies at Etsy

I am so delighted to feature these wonderful artists here today. This is the work of John and Robbyn Runyon of Frivolous Tendencies at Etsy. These fantastic wall sculptures are made from vintage metals salvaged from old barns, museums, mining claims, etc. over the past 12 years. Each piece is hand cut, hand filed, and hand painted with outdoor metal paint. All pieces are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. I'm showing rather a lot here, because these sculptors are prolific, and I just couldn't decide what to use. Sizes vary, up to around 29 x 12 inches, but check each piece. For more of their huge array of figures, cat, cows, gardens - you name it - check them out at Frivolous Tendencies.

When art is this alive, this vibrant, you can feel the music, can't you? It made me wonder what kind of music they listen to while they're working. Perhaps they'll comment on that. Whatever it is, I need some! John and Robbyn have an amazing future. I'll be keeping an eye on them.

Have a wonderful, if slightly damp here, weekend!

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  1. What fun art! I love the one depicting the woman with the umbrella.