Monday, March 2, 2009

KF Fine Art Gallery at Etsy - The Art of Kathleen Farmer

I had the worst time choosing the art from Kathleen Farmer's gallery. Kathy paints in oils, producing the most charming images. Places from her travels, chickens she's known and loved, cows, sheep spied on a country road, and a lady pushing a baby buggy, are all subjects she lovingly deals with. I'd start to upload one, then go back to another, then back again - and so it went - decisions, decisions. Oh, did I mention she does modern and abstract paintings. Is there no end to this talent?

You can find many, many more of Kathy's paintings at KF Gallery at Etsy, both originals and prints, and there is truly something to suit everyone. I fell in love with her harbor scenes, and the country landscapes - oh, and the al fresco cafe pictures - is there anything quite like eating outside? And chickens (because I'm vegetarian) have always been my friends. In fact they are the reason I went vegetarian in the first place! But of all these featured above, I like the painting of the sheep on their way home. Isn't it just the most peaceful image?

We'll certainly come back to visit Kathy again.


Amariah said...

I love her paintings of water. So pretty!

Hans Ostrom said...

Great paitings. . . . Thanks for commenting on my novel. Alas, I've been sending it out now in one form or another for a long time, and altough I like it, it's become a bit of an albatross, so I decided to make a home for it online. Good luck with the writing and visual art!