Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Karen Fields at Etsy

Karen Fields produces lovely works of art in vibrant colors that will revive the most jaded winter spirit. Spring is only a month away, and I thought these paintings could prepare us, throw open the window, figuratively speaking. If you're like me, you are desperate to go for a warm, scent-filled walk, to see what flowers are popping out. Not long now, okay?

Karen also enjoys painting lush abstracts with lots of texture, so I've included a couple today, although it's the floral and landscape paintings that I'm drawn to at this time of the year. The Paris picture is not for sale, but I'm sure Karen will happily talk to you about a commission. Paris in the Spring, oh my!

In the meantime, check out Karen Fields Gallery at Etsy. My visit there made me feel so much brighter.

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