Friday, March 6, 2009

Award for Jenny Carter, Alley Cat Rescue

Whimsy Friday, yes? So, who better to write about today than Jenny Carter of Wonders of Whimsy. I featured Jenny's work some time ago. She's a multi-talented artist and designer, with a passion for unwanted cats.

I can't describe how moved I am by her work with feral cats. Jenny feeds them in the alley behind her home, and then, over time (and with luck), she traps them and takes them to the vet, where they are spayed or neutered, and given their shots, and then she releases them back at their 'home alley', aware that they would be unhappy, for the most part, with a more comfortable, but captive life. Most of this expense she covers herself, although she does get some donations towards the work, but I can't believe it's enough to cover it all.

We need more Jennies. This is a small token for a modest woman with a huge heart. My little award is not fancy, but made with love. The art is by Tanya Bond, whom I featured on Wednesday and who has approved my use of it. I find it sweet that the name "Bond" so easily describes what Jenny tries to do with those little urchin cats each day.

Here is the award:

You'll find out more about Jenny's work with homeless cats at - Alley Cat Rescue. Perhaps you'll be moved to offer a dollar or two towards her work. In fact, she has a little raffle going on at her sites right now, although I know that's not the reason you'd help her, but it's a little fun.

Also check out The Wonders of Whimsy, where you'll also find a link to her third blog, Art by Jenny. Last, you'll find her Etsy store at Hand Made By Jenny at Etsy.

Of course, if Jenny is happy with this, she can hand out this award to anyone she feels deserve it, whatever their cause. But the original intention was to acknowledge all those wonderful people out there who selflessly concern themselves with the welfare of animals.


Jenny Carter said...

Wow, what an amazing blog entry and award. I am in tears! I am honored that you have done this for me and I cannot thank you enough for all your kind words. It is nearing spring time and that means newborn kittens, so I am in for many trappings with luck.

My alley cat rescue blog has shown me that there are many other people who care as deeply for these precious creatures as I do! That is a blessing to me, especially when I feel I am in this alone.

Thanks again so very much!!

Kitty Hugs~


snippetgirl said...

This is so wonderful! Jenny does great, important work and it is fantastic that you have acknowledged it. I am thrilled to see feral cats and their caretakers get some blog love :).
Kindest wishes,
Carrie the SnipPet Girl