Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wayne French at Brushspace

As a child, I lived on the South Coast of England, and, later in Australia in both New South Wales and Queensland, I was always near the sea. I tell people it's in my blood - whatever that means. One of the things I miss most, here in Ontario, is the absence of the ocean, substituting lakes as my watery muse. So finding Wayne French at Brushspace was wonderful for me this morning, knowing the North Coast of New South Wales where he lives (in fact, using it in my novel, Hafan Deg), and almost able to smell the brine as I look at his images.

Wayne's canvases are large - very large - and I can imagine how amazing they would be on a wall in my home. It would be like a window to the warmth, something to help me get through some of the more miserable days of a Canadian winter. As I've said before, not all winter days here are bleak, not when the sun shines and the snow is crunchy underfoot. But on those slushy, gray days - that's when I need one of Wayne's evocative paintings.

If you find his colors and images somewhat larger than life (an ocean is an ocean is an ocean, right?), I assure you they're not. Australia has a different light, the colors more vivid, a different drama. Its seascapes (and landscapes) can take your breath away.

You can find Wayne at Brushspace, or check out his web site here.

And don't feel sorry for me near the many lakes of Ontario. Glorious Spring is just a few days away...

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