Monday, March 16, 2009

Squeakie Stone's Southern Folk Art

My friend, Squeakie Stone, from South Carolina, was featured here a while back. At that time, his paintings were scattered around several online sites, and I found it difficult to find them all, so that posting of mine didn't show the sheer variety of his work. (There's that word "work" again, but it's not work for Squeakie; it's play-time every day. He just loves what he does.)

I'm happy to announce that Squeakie has his own website now - and just look what I found - absolutely the best of his art - from cotton pickers, tobacco croppers, flower ladies, houses, chickens, boats, landscapes, and on and on. He works in so many different subjects that it's still impossible to show them all here, but at least I'm able to give you a taste of his style, from Naive to Impressionist.

One day soon, I intend to go visit Squeakie down South. Of all of the artists I've met online, he is the one I find most fascinating. He only discovered his talent in 2002, giving up his day job just two years ago. Since then he has painted hundreds of pictures and is able to make a simple living at his art - something a lot of us aspire to. His work is still affordable - I say still because eventually this has to change.

Go check out his site at Spring Gully Folk Art.

You won't find any miniatures, 8x10s, or even 12x16s at his site. His canvases are big, averaging 24 inches square and up. Just so you know...

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