Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Robin Pocisk, Robin's Art at Etsy

Robin Pocisk has an impressive variety of original artwork at her store at Etsy.

She is an abstract/impressionist painter, with a graphic arts background, but there is a folk quality to much of her work as well, and her color use is fantastic. I had a difficult time this morning choosing the pieces to feature today, so I'm presenting my favorites. I am particularly drawn to the first two paintings of the stores. I love buildings in art, straight on, full focus - in fact, I've painted a couple similar to these myself.

Robin's an almost-neighbor, living here in Ontario. I like featuring local talent.

This pairing above is actually two paintings, for sale separately (but discounted if you buy the pair).

And finally, this lovely painting of lilacs. I can smell them, can't you? (It won't be long now...)

For a large and varied collection of original paintings, go to Robin's Art at Etsy. I'm glad I found her.

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