Friday, March 20, 2009

Glorious Spring and Folk Art From The Heart at Etsy

The sculptor at Etsy who operates Folk Art From The Heart is another whacky, lampooning type, and as it's Friday - Whimsy Day - I had to feature these wonderful polymer clay pieces. Despite my serious writings (especially on my writing blog), I am more than a little offbeat and non-conformist. I mostly avoid the conventional, be it beliefs, ideas, or art, and someone like this reinforces my philosophy that we must learn to not take ourselves too seriously, that to laugh at our foibles is a good thing. I try to reflect that in my own paintings and today's artist certainly feels the same way. You can see the absolute glee in the work and the smile that must be there all the way through the process. Look at these faces!

Spring arrived today with bright, glorious sunshine. We, in the North, have been through yet another long winter, and now emerge totally rejuvenated. That silly bunny below reflects just how nutty I'm feeling this morning.

These sculptures are fairly large - 8 to 10 inches high - and would make a wonderful conversation piece on your coffee table, or even your dining table!

Go check out this crazy artist's store at Folk Art From The Heart at Etsy. While you're there, check out her profile for an interesting description of her work, and link to her website and blog. Just click - and you're not in Kansas anymore.

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Kim Owens said...

Oh my goodness Fran, what an amazing surprise and a wonderful way to be greeted first thing in the morning! Thank you so much for the awesome compliment, I am truly honored!