Friday, March 13, 2009

Reclaim2Fame at Etsy

Okay folks, hang on - it's Whimsy Friday.

I know sculptor Will of Reclaim2Fame at Etsy must be a bit of a nut case, but what a charming nut he is! He's been involved in some aspect of art all of his life (like me), more recently concentrating on recycling materials. Describing himself as a well-seasoned artist (like me - and what a nice adjective), he has tried a lot of things over the years, from interior design, to mural painting, to running design stores where everything was made with 80% recycled materials. Years later, Will is still passionate about reclamation art. I love his kind of imagination, and always have.

I can imagine Will, pondering over a pile of old metalwork, candlesticks, coffee pots, old drills, widgets and gizmoes on his workbench, suddenly saying "Eureka!" And a new piece of art is born.

These sculptures are quirky, but intricate. Your friends will be knocked out by them, I promise. Of course, as I said, Will is a bit of a nut, but he uses a lot of those in his work anyway, so I guess it rubs off. But, wow, does he ever enjoy his artistic gift - his sense of fun just jumps right out at you.

Go take a look at all of his startling sculptures at Reclaim2Fame at Etsy. Oh, and Will's Mom has quite a lot of recycled things of her own in the store. She's a senior, should be sitting back with her feet up, but - of course - she's not. She's Will's mother, after all. Where do you think he got his drive from?

Have a great weekend, art lovers. It's going to be warm here. Perhaps I'll see some flowers waking up and stretching.


Anonymous said...

Wow those sculptures are really amazing works of art. The time and effort put into making them is evident. Thanks for posting this!

crow productions said...

You feature the neatest stuff. The art is incredible. Because you featured my work a while back, I feel I am among great company. I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Cool stuff!