Thursday, March 19, 2009

ZC Fleming at Etsy

Well, here's something completely different for you this mornng. ZC Fleming is a painter at Etsy. I define her work as illustration, because it might perfectly adorn the pages of a Medieval volume, or a contemporary upscale magazine. I like to paint women too, probably because I'm not that good at painting men. But ZC paints women because she's exploring the influence of the generations of women in her own family, and she has a unique take on how she paints them, with much detail and an "illumination" quality to them, with her gold embellishment. I like the brushwork in her art, particularly as she allows the texture of her canvas to add to the mood of her paintings.

Although she hasn't a huge array of work at her store, I'm sure she would love to talk to you about possible commissions. You'll find her at ZCFleming at Etsy.

I'm delighted to have found her lovely paintings. I just hope I can resist buying one from her. You know what a pushover I am for the artists I feature here, but (sorry, ZC) I'm going to attempt to resist it - at least for a little while. I need a new computer...I need a new computer...I need a new computer...

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Christina Colwell said...

These are wonderful!. Thank you Fran for sharing them.