Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brittany Bellows at Etsy

I'm bringing you some water colors today, because they are in contrast to the bright acrylics often featured here, and are light and spring-like. Brittany Bellows once painted with acrylics, but switched to water colors because she believes this is where she's meant to be right now. Her subjects are varied and interesting, and she's certainly in command of her technique with realism.

I especially love the Golden Gate Bridge, and not only because I've been right there, just behind the old building at the water's edge and enjoyed San Francisco so much. Of course, her country scenes are very familiar to me in this neck of the wood, right down to the old abandoned car. We're an imaginative bunch, we painters, finding beauty in the most unusual places. Who would have thought that a tobacco storage shed could be a striking image? But it is. (It's that third picture down.)

You can check Brittany out at Brittany Bellows at Etsy. Along with many originals, she sells prints and other reproductions of her art.

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