Friday, March 27, 2009

MuseU2 at Etsy - Bas-Relief Sculptures

Well, it's Whimsy Friday again, and I found a creative guy who loves old-fashioned trains, so that's a first for this blog.

MuseU2 is a rarity these days. He is an artist who specializes in Bas-Relief. He sculpts these delightful images, then makes molds of them, and from these he casts the final piece in Gypsum, lovingly paints them in bright, happy colors, and then frames them. Bas-Relief is one of the world's most ancient arts, examples surviving in great cathedrals and temples around the world, and proudly displayed in Museums everywhere.

Although they would look great in a kid's room, MuseU2's fun Reliefs would look great chugging along a hallway or gracing the walls of a den. They are quirky, colorful, and you won't find another quite like them anywhere. These are unique creations but are all very affordable. I only wish my pictures revealed the amount of depth in each one.

You'll find these unusual pieces at MuseU2 at Etsy.

I bet If you were to ask nicely, he might consider a commission - you could have your whole family represented on one of his little trains!

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