Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lavinia Young Art Gallery at Brushspace

When I first joined Brushspace last year, and put up my rather offbeat, definitely non-fine-art paintings, Lavinia Young was one of the first to nicely comment, and became my first follower there. Lavinia and I are also members of B-uncut, another online artists' site. I don't get much time for checking out all the various art sites I belong to, figuring that my work is there, so I only need to check in from time to time. Today I did my tour, and noticed that Lavinia has been hugely productive, with paintings I've never seen before.

So, today, with a huge variety of her art available, I am proud to present my friend, Lavinia Young, with just a handful of her pieces from her Brushspace gallery where she has 80 paintings. As you'll see, Lavinia paints a myriad of subjects, with various techniques - I'm not even showing her amazing textile art here, but you'll find it at her gallery.

The cat looks so much like my own Baby, that I had to put it up for you to see.

Aren't you just knocked out with the sheer breadth of her art? I just can't imagine what she'll be producing next. Do take a look at her site at Brushspace, where you can leave a comment in her profile section, or ask her about a particular piece.

Art at Brushspace is for sale, direct from the artist. Take a look around while you're there. You'll be amazed. Oh, and there is no fee for registering.


Amariah said...

Do Brushspace and B-uncut charge for membership?

Fran Caldwell said...

There is no fee involved. I've added this to today's post.